Stone paper that rocks!


News about Stone Paper

Solar Power  is helping to produce Rockstock

Solar panels1 lo res

Solar panels2 lo res

Solar Panels3 lores

Large solar arrays installed to produce electricity for a stone paper mill in Taiwan 2016



Logo EnergyGlobeAward

Rockstock wins National Energy Globe Award June 2015. 


Finalist in Label Industry Global Awards

The stone paper Company has been chosen as a finilist in the Sustainability Catagory for 2014

The awards will be presented in Chicago on Sept 9th.

Rockstock Pallets - Pallets made from Recycled Stone paper and recycled plastic pp bottles.

No fumigation required. No trees

Uses a waste resource . re-usable

Strong (tested to 3.5 tonnes) Please contact us for more information re these pallets for pring and availability.

pallet test cropped


TLM Taiwan cornerstone ceremony

The Cornerstone Ceremony for a new clean air  stone paper mill took place in Taiwan Feb 2013. This Mill will boast clean air inside and out and will begin operationsAug-Sept in 2013. This will have the latest new upgraded machines for making rich mineral stone paper to cope with increased demand and also ensure that the food grade quality is exceptional and utilises solar energy for production.


In May 2011 a rare white kiwi chick hatched at Pukaha Mount Bruce and here it is printed offset on Rockstock RPD200 at Printcraft in Wairarapa. Pictured here is Lisa Sims of the Pukaha Mount Bruce Board and Lance Johnson from Printcraft with a poster of 'Manukura'.  We think this poster is an ideal use for Rockstock. Lance indicated to us that the rockstock RPD fed very flat and well in the feeder with the standard inks drying quicker than usual, giving a great result.


To learn more about Manukura visit

Proceeds from these posters help protect endangered native species in the Pukaha Mount Bruce forest.


These charts made it all the way to the finish!

Rob Crusoe Island map 3 Robinson Crusoe Island Map 1

This  canoe race around Robinson Crusoe Island was organised in Chile by friends to raise funds  for  the family of a sportsman who tragically lost his life. This chart of Robinson Crusoe Island was printed on Stone paper  and being tear resistant and waterproof was an ideal use for the paper.

 Robinson Crusoe Island Map1 Robinson Crusoe Island map2


In November 2010 The  stone paper Mill achieved another environment certification ISO14001. The ISO 14001 environment management standards exists to help organizations to (a) minimize how their operations negatively affect the environment (i.e. cause adverse changes to the air, water or land); (b) comply with applicable laws regulations, and other environmentally oriented requirements, and (c) continually improve in the above. It was a proud day for all members of the stone paper family! Stay tuned as more environmental certifications are on their way!


"Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find." Time Magazine.

Choose the environmental options available. Choose Rockstock



Stone Paper Cookie Bag

8 side seal 2 Kg Rockbag Rockstock Pouch bottle

Rockbag logolores

Rockbag pouches are supplied to client requirement with excellent water vapour and oxygen barrier qualities without the use of aluminium foil or aluminizing. This allows recycling in the soft plastics stream. These can be supplied printed in many sizes and requirements including:

Finished bags or production reels for in-house forming.

zip-lock ; tear tabs; round corner/square corners; hang cell; degassing valve, pottles etc.

Gravure printed

Doyen Pouch;side gusset;flat pouch; pottle styles available.

MOQ's apply depending on pouch size for economical run volumes.


Natural & Wild + Sustainable
A New Zealand Dog and Cat Dietry suppliment made in New Zealand containing 100% sustainably fished Hoki Oil & manuka honey marketed by Newflands Limited is contained in a Rockstock ziplock Bag with a Rocktak self adhesive label printed by CPS Printing Limited on a Fuji Xerox 560. Both bag and label are freezer grade being a criteria for the product storage. This is a great example of a supplier making a huge effort to be responsible in their ethic.

Bag made from Stone paper Bag made from Stone Paper

Bosch in Germany have used stone paper in a range of Carry bags for spare parts.

Stone Paper Cookie Bags RBD300

A Design Company has won a government award in Taiwan for these Silver foiled Cookie bags with embellishments that encourages post consumer use, such as a decorative low temperature light or floral vase. RBD300 Stone Paper card was used for this as it is waterproof, tear resistant, foodgrade, freezer grade, grease proof, moth and insect proof and has a great feel.

Cookie Bags made from Stone paper

Below: Amway use Stone paper bags for their Artistry Range

Amway bag



Waterproof Maps using paper from stone

Craig Potton Publishing cr

A map printed on stone paper that is water proof, can be written on when wet and does not crack or damage on the fold (below a cycling map.)

Cycling_Map  Nat Geographic

WCC Leaflet4lores WCC Leafletmap lores1

(Above) Wellington City Council map printed on Rockstock RPD120 is an ideal use with no cracking on folds and durable enough to withs the rigours of handling, rain and have strong environmental credentials.



Ice Cream containers use Rockstock

French In-mould company uses RPD 100 stone paper in thermformed Ice cream containers.

Rockstock used by Haagen Dazs

Label material usedRockstock LPD80 low density. (RPD 100 can also be used) offset printed. (France: Sodinor)


Paper Shoes Rock!

A range of Shoes have been  developed by a major shoe brand using Rockstock in their uppers with a leather look finish. No animal products are hence used (no acid, base or bleach, no water,no effluent)

Rockstock can be printed, and embossed with a pattern.




Waterproof Aqua Cabana Magazine


The new JV Stone paper mill in Laonning region was visited by agents and distributors in Sept 2013. The buildings on site cover more than 90,000 sq metres with 460 staff of which 25% are technical. Total investment  3.6 billion RMB.(approx 720million NZD)

First Glimpse of Liaoning Mill0001lores 2

 Global distributors meet at the main gate of a JV stone paper mill Sept 2013

Group Photolores

 RP stone paper machines

Paper machine line Building Lores

 Monitoring quality

Monitoring quality Building lores

RB machines

RB machines Building 30001lores


The Waterproof Aqua Cabana Magazine printed on Stone paper was promoted at a pool party in Las Vegas recently at The Palms Casino Resort and demonstrates that "yes you can really have a magazine you can read in the bath.".

Aqua Cabana Magazine under water Aqua Cabana Girls Reading in water with Rockstock