Stone paper that rocks!


rocktak lo res

Having similar performance to synthetic stock, Rocktak is an ideal substitute

for labels and self-adhesives. The paper is Rockstock RPD with adhesive, backing and release agent applied. Roctack RPD can be embossed, foiled, Hi-build, Overglossed, Spot UV, UV coated,and Aqueous coated with excellent results

 IMG 4541 Wine labels printed on RPD120 Rocktak with water based freezer adhesive. The extra weight was chosen for automatic application and to give a nice feel ond look as well as being photo-degradable, waterproof, freezer and food grade.

 Crazy By nature Wine label0001


Rocktak RPD120SA acrylic Freezer grade adhesive with spot gloss coating / embossing / Foiling.

Aquaticus Bugtrol Label30001

Pest control labels where the Moth and Insect proof properties are invaluable, especially when product is stored in the garden shed


Roctak can also be ideally used for beer labels as sample shown above or wine labels below:

Millton Muskats on Rocktak lo res

Roctak can also be ideally used for beer labels as sample shown above:

Because Rocktak has no grain direction it is most suitable for automatic label applications.


Rocktak RPD label stock can be provided in jumbo reels or to customer specification including choice of: adhesives, backing (eg: kraft, glassine, art paper or PET) { Rocktak is not used as a backing as the heat used in the release agent application process can deform the sheet} . 3 or 6 inch cores (some other sizes are available on request). Adhesive can be applied to the whole range of Rocktak SAO,  RPD and RBD in weights from 80 micron - 350 micron. RPD is ideal for printing on Rotary and sheet Offset, Letterpress, flexographic, gravure, Solvent, Water-based and UV. Labels can be enhanced with foiling, embossing, high build , spot uv and a variety of gloss or matt coatings including lamination.

Our standard adhesive (water based acrylic) has passed RoHs and FDA Foodgrade testing.


A new water based, acrylic release agent is also available with foodgrade  and freezer grade RoHs approved qualities.

A water based acrylic High tack adhesive (Rocktyre) has now been developed and is most suitable to use on car tyres to plastic buckets where adhesion to surfaces containing release agents are present. (available on indent)

If a glossier finish is required a Rocktak LAS material (100 micron top layer) is available with a glossier finish and is designed for Flexographic and Digital presses without the need for Corona treatment or priming. Available with Glassine or PET libner in reels or Kraft liner in sheets.


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