Stone paper that rocks!

Corrugated Boards


Much work is being undertaken and development of this product, with a corrugator being designed and built to make corrugated Rockstock. Some well known brands including Asus and Gateway are using corrugated stone paper to package  products to reduce  their environmental impact.

Product is now available on indent in sheets and reels with a maximum sheet size 2200 x 1050mm (other sizes on application) 

 E Flute (2mm)            B-Flute ( 3mm)         A-Flute (5mm)

Available in 2/3/5 layer

Sheet sizes up to 2200mm x 1050mm

We also supply finished  & printed product. Please contact us for a cost (minimum quantities may apply).

Rocksatock Corrugated is strong, water proof, freezer grade, grease proof, foodgrade, moth and insect resistant, mist proof

recyclable recyclable2 or  soft plastics logo or burned in a furnace for energy (without toxic smoke),  or reused.


Corrugated stone paper cropped lores 

The excellent features of Rockstock corrugated lends itself to products like signage , cartons, boxes and can be printed by wide format flatbed inkjet UV or flatbed Flexographic.

Some products include Boxes, cartons, fish cartons, grape vine protectors, signage and many other products.

self locking box Shoe Box 3

Oyster box (self locking)                                                                                                                                                                                 Shoe Boxes

Fish Boxes Fish Box 3

                                                                                                                FISH Cartons

Vine protection 1 Vine protection 2 New Rockstock corru cartons

                                                                          Grape vine protector                                                                                       Carton for packets

Below: shows a Rockstock Corrugated box and  a comparison when boiling water is poured on both kraft corrugated and stone paper corrugated. The Stone paper remains undamaged with the boiling water and is water proof- The Kraft easily collapes. It will also withstand -40 ° C

2. Corrugated Stone Paper Sample Boxlores 6. Boil Water Test 4lores彩盒樣品 095254




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