Stone paper that rocks!

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Rockstock has excellent folding properties and won't crack or 'whiteline' on the fold.

The matt finish and non-glare properties makes it easy to read. Low density reduces carrying weight for children. Tear resistance means books will last longer.

Rockstock can be matt or gloss sealed to enhance durability of inks and prevent 'chalking'.

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Notebooks are a great use of Rockstock as wrinting on Stone paper is great to use and can be written on while wet. see some examples of Passport sized notebooks below (available on indent or your own design) Ideal also for farmers notebooks or pads.

black wiro notebook photo 

Notebook_Passport_Size_5-1 Notebook_Passport_Size_4lores Notebook_Passport_Size_3lores

Tasman District Booklet2lores.jpg0001Rockstock Wiro Notepad A6 front

Ideal for marine use


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