Stone paper that rocks!

How Rockstock is made

From building industry waste to paper!

Rockstock is made from waste from the building industry. Offcuts and waste stone rock, marble and tiles are ground to recover Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3)that forms 80.9% of Rockstock RPD Paper.

Waste White Marble

 White waste marble at an existing quarry is the raw material to make stone paper. 

The basic process of Stone paper making is shown immediately below, with  the process for pulp paper  further below as a comparison.


A closer look at the Flow chart above. You can begin to see how not only is the production of S-Class (Sustainable Range) stone paper is much simpler than the pulp paper production process shown. Stone paper is more environmentally responsible and cost effective. A recycled stone paper range has also been included containing a high proportion of recycled stone paper Known as R-Class.