Stone paper that rocks!


Question: Why are we so excited about Rockstock?

Answer: Because we believe by using Rockstock rich mineral stone paper it will help improve, air, land and water quality, reduce energy consumption  and will help achieve  environmental and sustainable goals that are necessary for our survival.

Rockstock has superior printing values and is available in most sizes and weights of traditional, wood fibre papers. It is also:

  • Strong and tear resistant - perfect for books, carry bags and uses where strength is an advantage.
  • Won't crack or white line on folds - suitable for maps and brochures.
  • Waterproof - great for maps, outdoor displays, golf score cards, envelopes, pads etc.
  • Can be written on while wet
  • Freezer Grade-Durable under very low temperatures - excellent for freezer food packaging.
  • Moth and insect proof.
  • Food grade - for food storage and packaging.(FDA approved)
  • Greaseproof
  • Mistproof
  • Recyclable
  • Photodegradable
  • Two product ranges 1. S-Class (Sustainable Rich Mineral Paper Range) 2. R-Class (Recycled Rich mineral Stone paper Range)

Rock_Paper_Print_Lores-1           NZ National Award logo lo res     rock paper packaging      


 At the Stone Paper Company, we’d like you our customer, to celebrate your commitment to sustainability when you print on Rockstock by highlighting the environmentally friendly features on every sheet.

Suggested strap-line when printing on Rockstock

We’ll send you this strapline  free of charge, or just download from our website: click here

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Manufactured under:

title silver certified RoHS Logo  reach  FDA foodgrade

The Manufacture of Rockstock complies to ISO 14001 ISO9001 standards                               xakCVHWA lo res         SBN Member 002lores