Stone paper that rocks!


What certifications does Rockstock have?

Due to its revolutionary manufacturing process, responsible certifications for stone paper are different to wood fibre paper. No forest management  certification, such as FSC,or PEFC is required for stone paper as no wood fibre is present.

The following are various international environment standards and certificates which Rockstock has achieved or complies with. The manufacture of Rockstock has:

Environmental Choice Certification in two paper catagories (EC-10-07 Packaging and paperboard & EC-26-27 Office Paper & Stationery



click here for Enviro Choice requirements:Office paper and stationery.

and:Packaging and paperboard:


ECNZ Certificate June 2015 Packaging and Paperboard EC-10-07  Enviro_choice_Certificate_Paper

[ Look out for products bearing the government backed Environmental Choice "planet-and-tick" Logo. Its the only label in New Zealand recognised by the Global Ecolabelling Network Internationally as absolutely trustworthy proof of environmental preferability. "The potential for greenwash is rife in some product areas" says Michael Hooper from Environmental Choice New Zealand. "We are very fortunate to have an ecolabel that's more robust than most and removes the need for us all to become chemistry experts. The science has been tested by qualified independant third party assessors who have already dug deeply into the environmental aspects of the products, including the end-of -life consequences of all ingredients. Many ECNZ specifications have been acknowledged even by overseas government agencies, as among the most robust in the world. ]

(exerpt from Element magazine AUG 2011)

  • FDA Compliance Certificate for the code of Federal Regulations with respect to soluble and extractable matter as an environmental paper and foodgrade suitability.
  • TLM has achieved ISO 9001 Accreditation
  • Iso 9001 2011 Lo Res
  • The Mill has achieved ISO14001 Accreditation
  • Iso 14001 updated Aug2011lores
  • Government Certified for Quality Assurance and as an environmental paper (Taiwan) updated 2014-17
  • Government_Approved_Environmental_Logo_4

    Manufactured under:        Cradle to Cradle Silver Logo

  • Stone paper (Certain Grades apply) has been certified for its material content, recyclability, and manufacturing characteristics.   ( licensed by C2CPII )

    The Certification is a multi-attribute eco-label that assesses a product’s safety to humans and the environment and design for future life cycles. The program provides guidelines to help businesses implement the Cradle to Cradle framework, which focuses on using safe materials that can be disassembled and recycled as technical nutrients or composted as biological nutrients. Unlike single-attribute eco-labels, MBDC’s certification program takes a comprehensive approach to evaluating the design of a product and the practices employed in manufacturing the product. The materials and manufacturing practices of each product are assessed in five categories: Material Health, Material Reutilization, Renewable Energy Use, Water Stewardship, and Social Responsibility.        



The processing and milling of CaCO3 from waste stone and non toxic resin is performed under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications by two companies.

1) Calcium Carbonate: CaCo3


ii. Website:

iii. Certified: ISO 9001

2) The manufacturer of the resin


ii. Website:

iii. Certified ISO 14001 .


FDA and other Tests

Is Stone Paper FDA certified?

Our Stone Paper is FDA and EU compliant. What needs to be noted for FDA compliance is that even though a product might be FDA approved,  those approvals are only general and for each food application, specific approvals must be obtained.

Reason: Different foods have different chemical characteristics and therefore we must be absolutely certain that the food application being used in connection with our paper doesn’t create any adverse chemical reaction to negatively affect the integrity of the food or characteristics of the paper. For example to use the wrap for bread purposes are fine, but to use it for wrapping lemon or tomatoes might not be. It’s not the lemon or the paper itself that is the problem. If the paper is not properly converted into a food wrapping paper, the lemon’s acid touching  the paper  without a protective coating might create a chemical reaction (although harmless) when in contact with the calcium carbonate and therefore not ideal.

Halogen Free (SGS)

Many FDA and other related tests have been carried  out on Rockstock products and copies of these tests are available on request should the use particular use of Rockstock demand such test results and certifications.

Gaia-concept BV in Holland have obtained KIWA certification  for stone paper that audits the certifications. 


Analysis/Test Report